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About us

About us

About BDFM Managment


BDFM Management has built its construction security services expertise for construction sites over the span of more than 5 years. Our team combines extensive experience with the industry’s best practices to protect our clients’ people and assets.



Trust is the value that centers our company. You trust BDFM to make sure your needs are met. And we trust our employees to get the job done right, every time.


Quality is the value that we deliver. Whether it’s employees, personnel, technology, or security plans, CPS Security works to provide you with the highest quality final product.


Service is the value that drives all of our actions. We honor all of our commitments with integrity, and we provide only the highest levels of service to all our clients.
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We deals with many services to take extra care of your problem solutions.

Installation, training, maintenance, and decommissioning of onsite and wireless construction site security measures.


Construction Site Security Service

Construction Site Security

We adopt a single point solution to give your construction site extreme asset safety from theft and fraud, with the extra benefit of wireless technologies.
Wireless Video Detection

Wireless Video Detection

Wireless, self-reliant cameras deliver wide-ranging security for any situation and are the seamless option when wiring and lack of power is incredible or cost-prohibitive.
Construction Site CCTV

Construction Site CCTV

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Access Control Systems

Access Control System

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SIA Licensed Security Guards

SIA Licensed Security Guards

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Construction Site Fire Alarms

Construction Site Fire Alarms

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